Ghost of Marowak


Ghost of Marowak

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im the least fun person in the world. all i do is talking about being sad lmao why do i have any friends

hey everyone


im going to be taking a 15 minute hiatus from tumblr to take a shower. i have a queue set up so don’t worry. please don’t try to miss me too much!!!


drag me for being fun and cute

Drake Help Me Through This

damn i got an 8am class tomorrow for 3 hrs….damn!!! 

i have a tumblr crush on john fishingboatproceeds rip


i have tumblr crushes on sydney lameborghini, sierra unclefather, della deepspacemermaid, nichelle arcticmonkies, haley markmothersbaugh, and you, of course

i only know haley but it seems like u have good taste